March 17, 2014
What is the best entertainment content online?


The internet contains virtually everything in the world, ever. There is literally more content uploaded in an hour, than you could ever get through in several lifetimes. In fact every day YouTube alone has years worth of video footage uploaded. One of the largest uses for all this content is to entertain us. As humans we love to laugh, find things funny and be sucked in by dramas or thrillers. But is all this media of the same value? Do we share and view some hilarious multimedia or movies over others? That’s what we will look at here.

1. Video

Video is still a relatively new media to show online, but has taken off at an astonishingly fast speed due to the now common access to high speed streaming broadband. While before people would spend hours looking at memes and pictures, video has replaced that and sites such as YouTube have become some of the most visited websites of all time.

This has allowed a new generation of comedy sites to form, with specific niche laugh out loud videos being developed for both desktops and mobile applications. Top rated websites such as have become aggregators and reviewers of the best funny vines online while separating them into categories or channels such as wtf videos, prank vines and funny cat & dog vines. This allows people with a short amount of time on their hands to find top lol worthy jokes and videos without having to search through every movie on the internet that is trying to get a laugh.

While is the free go to desktop site of choice for many, mobile have their own apps market to enable the creation of this short clip movie medium. While Instagram was a bit late to the user generated film creation software market, vine was the main contender from the start which is particularly odd considering that the videos max out at just 6.5 seconds.

They were picked up however with great enthusiasm by the new millennials who set about creating satire, comedy, standup, music videos and even invented some new categories of their own such as smack cams and “do it for the vine” dares. Now with literally millions of hours worth of content receiving billions of views, their application has become a meme in itself. Bought by twitter in the last year the app has gone from strength to strength with no sign of stopping. One of the true mobile success stories of our age and one to watch.

2. Pictures

They say an image is worth a thousand words, and comedy memes and pictures have certainly helped spread this idea via viral sharing, sites such as have capitalized on this. Pre fibre optic broadband connections it was pictures that ruled the roost and were the most viral things shared on social networks. Cartoons, photographs and photoshopped funny memes were grouped into albums and spread like wildfire, while they are still incredibly popular, they have fallen down to the number 2 slot. Though the medium has changed however the niches people are uploading stay the same. Funny cat pictures, pet fails, and movie sarcasm are all strong contenders to the like button crowd and you can still find reddits devoted to these very things.


3. Text

I love text and prose, yet while I love to write unfortunately for comedy entertainment purposes its just not that great on the internet. While jokes have always been written, they are so much better when delivered by a professional and that is best captured in the audio and visual presentation of movie productions or short funny vine video clips.

If you want to find out more about the best websites online for other different purposes, then stay tuned! You’ll find a plethora of different sites and stores being reviewed here in the coming months so there is bound to be something for everyone.